Monday, December 29, 2014

SV TCL & Associates Probe Company: SV Tokyo Cathode Laboratories (TCL and Associates) Product Review (Part II)

SV TCL and Associates offers a wide array of semiconductor products being utilized in many popular consumer applications. Here is a continuation of the previous list published on this website:

1. Vertical Space Transformers - SV TCL's TrioTM vertical and LogicTouchTM fine- pitch vertical technologies provide an interconnect, also referred to as a space transformer (ST), used between the printed circuit-board and the probe head. This process transfers the test signal.

SV TCL also provides various types of space transformers, every one of which can be used for any specific advantage and application. Some options include the following:

- Wired & Advanced Wired (WST or AWST)

- Rigid

     - Multi-Layer Ceramic (MLC)

     - Multi-Layer Organic (MLO)

- Direct Attach

- Modular (MSTTM)

2. CIS Probe Cards - CMOS Image Sensors (CIS) allow camera functions in high tech tablets and smart phones. Testing CIS devices utilizes cantilever technology and layering for high density probe layouts. SV TCL's CIS probe card products employ a wide variety of materials ensuring they are a durable cost-saving solution that can meet the fine pitch and multi-die challenges of these devices. Other features include:

- Layering for High Density Probe Layouts

- Alloy Probes

- Tight Pitch

3. LCD Driver Probe Cards - LCD driver cards are used in some of the latest high-definition tech products such as LCD televisions, high-functioning smar-phones and tablets.ICs utilized in these cards require high-pin counts, fine pitch and high paralisllism. SV TCL's LCD Probe card products provide durable, economical solutions to address fine-pitch and multi-die requirements of these devices. Additional advantages include:

- Maximum Frequency 2GHz

- Minimum Pad Pitch

     - 9µm Staggered

     - 25µm Inline

- Stable Contact with Au Bump/Pad

- Ultra Low Pin Force Ensures Longevity

- Minimal Probe

4. Venture™ Cantilever Probe Cards - SV TCL's VentureTM line of cantilever probe cards provide the best epoxy technology on the market and are well-designed for logic testing. It includes a wide range of cantilever cards, single to multi-die for a variety of test systems. Its Venture FX™ fine-pitch cantilever cards are well-suited for LCD driver-testing, with higher probe counts for better density bond-pad layouts. Features include:

- >4,000 Points

- Pad Pitches as Tight as 30µm

- Frequency up to 3GHZ

- Shelf Build & LCD Driver

5. Ceramic Blade Cards - SV TCL offers a variety of ceramic blades and blade probe cards. We have patented ceramic microstrip blade probes available in low leakage and low capacitance for optimal signal transference, while SV TCL's blade cards are ideal for parametric and RF-testing. Benefits include:

- RF Modeling Capability Provides Frequency Performance Optimization

- Handling & Testing Capability

6. Metrology - Finally, SV TCL a wide variety of world-class analytical resources, allowing the firm to visually evaluate wafer-scale features and capture data from bumps, pads, scrub marks and probe depth. SV TCL's capabilities include:

- Scanning Electron Microscope

- Electron Dispersive Spectrometry

- Profilometery

- Finite Element Analysis

- RF Performance Characterization

- Single Pin Video Capability

All in all, SV TCL's capabilities are clearly seen in its wide range of products that satisfy today's stringent standards of quality and durability.